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Heat Index Policy

Tubman has put the following procedures into place regarding heat index:

1. Physical Education will be held in the auditorium (where it is air conditioned) for the entire day if heat index is above 90 degrees

2. Students and teachers have been instructed to drink plenty of water

3. Activities for lunch and afternoon recess will be determined based on conditions at that time

4. Students are encouraged to bring containers of water to school during hot weather 

5. Students are asked to dress in lightweight clothing that is in keeping with their school dress codes

6. Please also make sure to apply sunscreen to your child before school, as school staff are not permitted to apply it

7. If your child has a medical condition that may be compromised by exposure to high temperatures, you may keep your child at home or arrange for an early release. We will work out a plan for your child so they can work for home (if needed)

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.