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Fee Based Summer Program

Harriet Tubman Charter School

Fee Based 2018 Summer Program

Harriet Tubman Village Charter School’s Summer Program will offer academic support (with a credentialed teacher) and extra-curricular activities in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Every week will be a new and exciting theme filled with many activities for your students will enjoy. The Summer Program maintains a student to staff ratio of 20:1 for both elementary and middle school students.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm


Participants are required to make a 4 week or 8 week commitment to our summer program. Cost of program:

4 weeks: $200 total

8 weeks: $400 total

A down payment of $50 must be made when enrolled to hold spot in program. Payments must be made to our business manager in the main office by cash or card. Payments can ONLY be broken up by $50 a week and must be paid prior to week starting. Participants cannot begin program until a payment has been made.

Summer Program Schedule:

To be able to enroll in the summer program you must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks of program. The options as followed:

4 weeks: June 18th to July 13th, 2018 (no program on 7/4 & 7/5)   or    July 16th to August 10th, 2018

8 weeks: June 18th to August 10th, 2018

Weeks cannot be broken up in any other way.

Appropriate Attire:

Our Summer Program is filled with many indoor and outdoor activities. We recommend that students wear close-toed shoes, shorts that are passed the tip of their fingers, and comfortable pants. Daily sunscreen is also recommended.

Sign in/out procedure:

Parents/Guardians must sign in/out students every day. Only Middle school students or students that walk home can sign themselves out (a parent/guardian must fill out a student authorization form). Sign out will be at the auditorium door every day.


Payment options: 

Pay by card per session (4 weeks or 8 weeks) on the following link: Link to Pay 
Pay weekly by card by filling out the payment plan authorization form connected to the summer program application to set up auto payments (please note that you must make a deposit payment of $50 minimum.) 

Pay by cash to the Business office every Wednesday prior to week starting