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Our whole school uses the Class Dojo App/website for easy communication with parents. ClassDojo is a classroom communication app/website used to share reports between parents and teachers. Though we are using this primarily for communication, some K- 5th grade teachers also use it to track daily student behavior in the classroom so that parents can see how their child is performing. The app is also used to upload photos or videos for parents to see. 




  • Get the ClassDojo classroom code from your child’s teacher if they have not shared it with you already.  Go to the staff directory on this website for teacher emails if you need to request a code.
  • Download the ClassDojo App on your phone, or go to the website at-
  • Create a user profile and allow for notifications. 
  • You will be notified through the app as well as through email if there is correspondence requiring your attention.
 1.  It can be accessed on a Smartphone through the app or computer through the webpage
 2.  Only you can see your child's points.
 3.  The number on their Daily Behavior Calendar will show the total points they earned throughout the day.
 4.  You can message your child's teacher and it will notify them through the app.  
 5.  Any message you send to your child's teacher through the app is not visible to anyone else.
 6.  Teachers use the app to send messages to individual parents and also group messages to all parents.
      Typical group messages:
      Reminders for early dismissals, upcoming student days off, field trip information, directions for
      a particular homework assignment the students may not seem clear on, etc.
7.   More than one parent can set up an account using the same student password number BUT it will be set up as a separate account