Harriet Tubman is Awarded the The Northrup Grumman FabLab Grant!

This has been a long time vision for Ms. Sharif, who dreamed of providing our school with a comprehensive STEM program that would offer a meaningful experience for our students while also preparing them for future careers in a rapidly growing field.  We have been using the money to buy much needed supplies, tools, and resources that will prepare us for the launch of our Next Generation STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program.  The program will focus on STEAMbassadors, Field Research, and Robotic/Engineering.  The STEAMbassadors will be comprised of middle school students who will be committed to engaging, exciting, and educating our younger students on all things STEM.  This will include doing mobile labs around the school for all grades, around the community, and appearances at events such as the San Diego Science Festival.  The field research component will be fulfilled by our 7th and 8th graders who will represent Harriet Tubman Village Charter at the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair.  They will be assigned a scientific question that relates to current real word issues and be required to both research their topic and create a hypothesis.  They will then create an experiment and share their findings at the fair.  Lastly, the robotic/engineering component intends to promote critical thinking and creativity.  The students will be able to design and build creations that will encourage intellectual risks while utilizing both analytical and logical reasoning. These are skills that are not only invaluable to the science community, but all future careers.  It is our hope that Harriet Tubman Charter, with the help of this grant and our dedicated educators, will become a pipeline for nurturing and preparing tomorrows inventors and leaders.