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Counseling Program Information

Harriet Tubman Village Charter School has a new comprehensive school counseling program to offer students and families this year.  With the help of the new school counselor Rebecca Mariotti, and the social-emotional intervention specialist Elisa Williams, students will receive counseling services that cover all content areas concerning- academic, social-emotional, and college/career.  Tubman believes that it is important to educate the “whole” child which means going above and beyond the typical academic offerings of most elementary schools.  Social-emotional services include- character education classes, behavior support, crisis intervention, conflict mediations, brief individual counseling, counseling groups, and providing community resources to families in need.  The counseling team is dedicated to working with students, families, and teachers to address the needs of the schools’ very diverse population.  


Counseling Services Include-


Restorative Response to Discipline- Using the restorative justice model, students in need of discipline will engage in restorative conversation, reflect on their behavior and mend harm.


Immediate Response Counseling- If your child is going through a crisis during school hours that needs immediate attention.


Brief Individual Counseling- Brief weekly counseling for students who need more attention when learning a particular personal/social/emotional skill or are experiencing a personal issue.


Group Counseling- Later in the year groups will be offered that target the common needs of our students.


Mediations- Assist in mediating a fight or argument that students cannot resolve on their own.


Classroom Guidance- Classroom lessons that focus particular social emotional skill, the counselor will write and deliver a lesson tailored to their needs.


Referrals to Resources and Community Services- If you or your child are in need of more information about an issue you are facing, the counselor can aid in connecting you to services available in the community.