Hello First Grade Families!
My name is Aubrey McDonald and I am very excited to begin my second year at Harriet Tubman Village Charter School. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and I have also lived in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I attended school while living in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction Teaching English as a Second Language.  I will graduate this December. My husband and I love to travel and spend time with our nieces and nephew.  I look forward to getting to know your family this year!
Ms. McDonald

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I can list past, present, and future tense verbs.
We have been learning about verbs,action words.  We know that adding -ed to a word means it happened in the past.  We learned that adding -ing to a word means it is happening now.  Also, we now that we can write will in front of a verb to signal that it is going to happen in the future.  Let's go outside and we can act out all the verbs we can think of! 


We have been very busy in first grade!  At home, let's talk about nouns.  We can make a list of people, places, and things.  If we are riding in the car we can do it too.  Ask me about my favorite place to visit (its a noun)!


We are learning about action words!  We use this song in class to help us remember what a verb is.  A verb is a word, it's an action word!