Tubman Summer Program

-Dates: program will run from June 14th - August 16th (closed on July 4th)
-Time: 9:00-3:00pm 
-How to sign up: current ASES students can sign up at the Club TC parent table. Non Club TC students can sign up in the front office with Mrs. Martha. 
-attendance: we encourage everyday attendance. All students must have a minimum attendance of 3 hours per day) 
-Lunch: lunch will be provided by the school at 12:00pm everyday. Parents must provide breakfast and afternoon snacks for students
-Activities/enrichment): each week will be a difference theme (fun to be fit, explorer, science week, ect.) We will have 2 field trips planned throughout the summer. One walking field trip to 7 eleven each week. We will also start an off season workout routine for sports to get the kids ready for their upcoming season (football, volleyball, cheer, ect.)